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Activity Tokens

This December 2019 we are happy to announce the addition of Activity Tokens at ProAdExchange.com. Members can earn activity Tokens for certain activities throughout the site, such as login in each day or clicking on a banner.

Members also earn credits for a click as usual based on the membership level but the addition of the activity token allows for the upgrade of the member for a smaller fee or even for free via the Activity Token trade module. Here is an image from the Activity Token page of our members back office.

Here is a list of various ways to earn Activity Tokens

As you can see from the above image, accumulation of your Activity Tokens can lead to a huge savings for our highest membership level V.I.P. with huge bonuses, traffic and commissions.

With the addition of our new Activity Token Module our members receive massive additional value to their membership, we hope you enjoy this along with our other various systems and tools to help you build your business. Still haven’t joined pro ad exchange.com?